Prince Edward Island

The day after Dave and I got back from our Ouray trip, we took a 6:45 am flight to Boston, the first leg of our trip to Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI). Getting to this beautiful island is either really long, or really expensive. We chose the really long option. After arriving in Boston, my travel buddy and I rented a car and drove to Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Here, we spent the night at Dave’s good friend’s house, Phil Eyster. Phil and his family were actually waiting for us at their house in PEI. Dave and Phil have been great friend and ministry partners for over 15 years. They both work with EPI, Eagle Projects International, of which Phil is president and Dave is a board member. EPI is an incredibly unique ministry organization and I encourage you to check out their website.

After a great, restful night in Maine’s countryside, Dave and I got up and drove for about 7 more  hours to PEI. After all of the traveling (18 hours), Dave calculated that we could have flown to London and back in less time. At least it was a pretty drive…

Phil’s house is on the North Shore of PEI, very close to Green Gables. Ring a bell? Yes, this is the birthplace of the beloved children’s book series (I feel completely comfortable telling people that I enjoy them as a 26 year old), Anne of Green Gables.

This is the green gables house Lucy Maud Montgomery modeled Anne's house after.

Phil's charming house, London Haven. Dave and I are reading on the porch on the right hand side.

After arriving at Phil’s house, we took a little trip to the shore at sunset.

The French River. The most photographed spot on the island!

The North Shore. The island's red sand/dirt made me feel somewhat close to home -- I have family in East Texas where red dirt is the norm (and bane of existence for cars and clothes...)

A very old lighthouse at Cape Tryon.

Then we made it to the red sand beaches. For being just north of Nova Scotia, the water isn't that cold!

The next day we went to the island’s capital, Charlottetown. This is no “island town” — it has its own university! Our destination was the theatre, to see Canada’s longest running play: Anne of Green Gables. Of course!

BUT — first we HAD to get some ice cream. The brand is Cows. It is local to Canada with 11 stores all around the country. All of the ice cream is made on the island!

I got to be Anne for 5 seconds.

The next day Dave and I went to church with the Eysters. I was so impressed with how many churches are on the island — so encouraging. After that, Dave and I took the afternoon to drive through the national parks and then eat a VERY nice dinner at Dalvey — host hotel of the royal tour! Apparently William landed his helicopter on the hotel’s lake…

We took a walk take on one of the park's beaches. We got one of many French tourists to take our picture. She told us it was a "framer."

Though dead, we got excited about this find: a very rare blue lobster.

Dalvey by the Sea -- beautiful hotel and restaurant.

William and Kate were still there! Well, not quite.

After one of the best meals of my life, and Dave's very rare filet, we almost fell asleep in front of this beautiful fireplace.

Our amazing day ended in returning the Eyster house and watching a Canadian mystery TV show. Actually very entertaining!!!

The next day was somewhat rainy. So, after canceling horseback riding and kayaking, Dave and I went to the next-best thing: The Cows Ice Cream Factory! Not only are they known for their ice cream, but maybe more so for their T-shirts. They take cultural icons, phrases, and names and use a cow theme to transform them.

"Justin Beefer" I got a T-shirt that says "Moo Moo Lemon" (For those of you who aren't yoga freaks like me, it is a play on "Lu Lu Lemon" -- an athletic apparel store).

On the Cows Factory tour. It's a good look for us...

Later that night we did one of my favorite things about the trip. PEI has a high islander influence (Scottish, Irish, etc.). They even have a College of Piping (bagpiping). So, we went to a great show the student put on all summer. The show included not only bag pipes, but strings (violin, guitar, harp), piano, lots of percussion, and DANCING. If you are a fan of Stomp, Drumline, or Riverdance, you would have loved this.

A student bagpiper welcomed us into the show.

A bit of drama was added to the show. Competing tap dancers and instruments.

The next day Dave and I drove around the Green Gables area to see more of the Anne-fetish. It truly has amazing history! Later we went to dinner with Phil and his lovely wife, Marcia. They imparted some great relationship and ministry wisdom to us. I will not forget what I learned and have taken it to heart. Later that night, we went to a local theatre show that had me laughing off my seat. (If you haven’t guessed by now, PEI is a very art-focused island.)

The next day was a travel day. We only needed a total of 7 hours to make it to Phil’s house in Maine. So, Dave and I took the opportunity to engage in more art — pottery. We took a 3-hour pottery class and made some pretty great pieces. We don’t have them yet because they had to be fired and glazed. Hopefully only a couple more weeks and then I will post some pics, since we are so artsy and all…

My perfectionist side came out, and Dave’s patience resulted. So thankful that he was encouraging me even when I probably drove him crazy with how “uneven” my platter was becoming.

At Off the Batt Pottery

Dave rolling out his clay

Doing some design work on his platter

Me using some lace to create a pretty border on my platter.

Finished raw product: peacock (not a turkey!), flowers, and border. It will have a glazed white finish and will hopefully look antique-ish

Dave and I made it back to Phil’s in time to get some pizza and watch Fletch. A good finish to a great trip.

We arrived home safely to Denver, but I do miss wearing my fleece in the middle of the day! Oh well, I’ll give it a few more weeks here and I am sure I will be tired of wearing it!

A small update going foward: I start school today! Normally I would start seeing clients at 5 pm, but I don’t have any lined up yet since it’s the beginning of the semester. But, I do have a class at 8 pm!

So, hopefully that DOESN’T mean I will stop blogging frequently. But, know that my blogs will be much less pretty. 🙂


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