Fasting from Facebook

This year for lent, I have decided to take 40 days off from Facebook.

I came to my decision about what to do with this wonderful time before the Easter season by realizing that 1.) I wake up, check my email and Facebook every day before I get out of bed (of which I am also fasting from…no technology in bed during these 40 days!), 2.) during study breaks, my default was always Facebook, and 3.) I get so nosy. Granted, people put information and pictures on Facebook (myself included!) to be seen by others, but seriously, I want to practice minding my own business for a bit! (1 Thes 4:11).

So…what will I do with the time I would normally spend stalking (just call it what it is, people) friends, making comments on pictures, and updating my status (I am becoming more and more convinced that I become more and more narcissistic the more I use Facebook–do people really care what I have for dinner??? 🙂 )

Well, since Lent is purposed to bring believers closer to God, I would like to use that time for some self-examination and some God-examination.

1. In the morning, I will take the few minutes I normally took to check my email and FB to read a daily Scripture. That sounds like a good start to any day to me!

2. Study breaks – whatever happened to just sitting back, closing my eyes, and appreciating silence? Listening to podcasts, writing a hand-written note, SLEEP…those are some ideas. Do you  have any???

3. Those times when I am waiting for someone and my hand automatically reaches for my phone and presses the beckoning blue icon — well, I am thinking I should stop and smell the roses, or just do some good old fashioned people watching. Maybe making a list of what I am thankful for. What do you do when you have a few minutes of waiting time?

So, here’s to my little “unplugging” experiment. I welcome ideas, as well as ideas on what you are doing for Lent!


2 thoughts on “Fasting from Facebook

  1. I used to get updates to tell me when you posted things. I haven’t seen any recently so I just decided to check in for myself. Boy was I surprised. I don’t remember you taking picture of me and Dave at the football game. Nice picture and really nice shirt! Hook ‘Em!

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